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Ionia, Heraclea AD LAT. AR Tetrobol(?) c.mid-2nd century BC, NGC VF

US$ 275

Parthia, Mithradates I, Drachm, 171-138 BC

US$ 175

Parthia, Pakoros II, Drachm, 78-105 AD

US$ 135

Maedonian Empire, Philip III, AE17, 323-317 BC

US$ 150

Cicilia, Celenderis, AR Stater c.425-350 BC, NGC Choice VF

US$ 525

Roman Empire, Severus Alexander, Denarius, 222-235 AD, S-7856

US$ 150

Roman Republic, AE Trians, 211-206 BC, Head of Minerva, Prow, S-911

US$ 73

Parthia, Osroes II, Drachm, 190 AD

US$ 50

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